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Enjoy full day tour towards mount Kenya region. This day you will enjoy panoramic views of Mt Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya. You will proceed to aberdares national park, the park with wonderful vegetation. Your lunch is at the famous tree top lodge.Located in the Aberdare National Park, the Treetops Lodge Nyeri tree-house lodge on stilts is famous as the place where Queen Elizabeth II visited as a princess and left as queen.Originally built in 1932, Treetops Lodge lies in the path of an ancient Elephant migratory route between the Aberdare Ranges and Mt kenya ranges.
9 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Mount Kenya Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Aberdares National Park Tour for 2 days

From Nairobi Visit the Chimpanzee sanctuary in Mount Kenya Sweetwaters  have lunch and afternoon drive around the ranch then drive to Sangare neat the Aberdares. The next day enter into the Aberdare National park for a whole day game drive to come back to Nairobi in the evening. All meals are included. Park entry fees and Sanctuary fees are paid extra at the park wardens.
2 days
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7 Days Bigfive Safari

This tour gives the traveler an exciting overview of Kenya and her wildlife . There is no age restrictions which makes it an ideal choice for families .The National parks of this program are amazing and unique . Lake Nakuru is home for flamingos and rhinos , Masai mara is "Big cats " territory , Lake Naivasha offers opportunity to mingle with hippos and in Amboseli national park herds of elephants , buffalos and lots of wildebeests are under mount kilimanjaro
2 days
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Aberdare Full Day Tour

You have a short stay in Nairobi and would like to experience the wildlife, this tour is for you. Game animals easily seen in the park during game viewing include; African Elephant, black rhino, leopard, spotted hyena, olive baboon, black and white colobus monkey, sykes monkey, cape buffalo, warthog, common zebra (North Aberdare), bushbuck, reedbuck. Rare sightings include those of Giant Forest hog, bongo, golden cat, serval cat, African wild cat, African civet cat, blue duiker.Very beautiful sceneries of Aberdare include magnificent waterfalls, mountain ridges and wide variety of birds.
12 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Aberdare National Park Safari from Nairobi

The Aberdare national park is home to elephants, black rhinos, leopards, spotted hyenas, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, buffalos, warthogs and bushbucks among others. Rare sightings include those of the Giant Forest hog, bongo, golden cat, serval cat, African wild cat, African civet cat and the blue duiker. The drive is via the central Kenya highlands with stops to view tea and coffee plantations.
2 days
Kid Friendly

Overnight to Aberdares National Park

The Aberdare National Park is a home of elephants, black rhinos, leopards, spotted hyenas, olive baboons among others. Rare sightings include those of the giant forest hog, bongo, golden cat, African civet and the blue duiker.
2 days