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Local uranium and oil finds were the reason Soviet architects began to lay out a model town of wide, straight streets in this remote location in 1958. The uranium, from an open-cast mine 30km northeast, fed Aktau’s nuclear fast breeder reactor, which generated the town's electricity, powered its desalination plant and produced uranium concentrate for military purposes. Today, Aktau is a centre for oil and gas operations, both onshore and offshore.

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$144 Kid Friendly

2-Day Trip to Altyn Emel National Park

ItineraryDay 1: Almaty - Altyn Emel Park - Singing DuneStop At: Singing Barkhan, Almaty RegionYou will visit one of the most magnificent places of Kazakhstan - The Singing Dune in Altyn-Emel National Park. In dry weather, you can hear the melodious sounds from the sand dunes that resemble organ playing. Over the time, this huge dune has grown: up to 3 kilometers long and 150 meters high.Duration: 5 hoursMeals included: • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Overnight in Bashy village at the comfortable guest houseDay 2: Altyn Emel Park - Aktau mountains - AlmatyStop At: Aktau Mountains, Almaty RegionAktau Mountains could surprise you by its red, green, pink or even pale blue colored stony slopes. The mountains are likely to be risen from the place where there used to be sea, which left its traces on the surface of the mountains. Archaeologists have discovered dinosaur bones in the mountains of Aktau, and remains of other species are being found even today. The main feature of this array is the complete absence of vegetation, so the landscape resembles fantastic lunar landscapes. The mountains are characterized by nakedness and steepness of the slopes. Duration: 5 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch: Packed lunchNo accommodation included on this day.

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Treasures of Mangystau

ItineraryDay 1: Aktau - Akespe - Kapy Pass By: Aktau PlazaDeparture from Aktau (195 km asphalt, 22 km country road). Arriving in a mysterious valley dotted with huge stone balls of various fantastic shapes, they resemble huge mushrooms, a perfectly round oval, turtles, and an alien figures. Walk on the field of spherical concretions. Lunch in the field. Moving to the valley of the white rocks Akespe. Transfer to Capy (26 km, road with a grader surface). Dinner in the field and overnight in tents in Kapy.Meals included: • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: CampingDay 2: Kapy - Shakpak Ata - AktauStop At: Aktau PlazaA walk along the canyon along the creek and tamarisk thickets. Transfer (61 km. 4 km country road) and a visit to the underground mosque Shakpak - ata. You will visit the unique four-chamber underground mosque Shakpak ata carved on a rock, representing the best traditions of nomadic stone culture. Shakpak-ata canyon tracking.Duration: 4 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • LunchNo accommodation included on this day.

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Mangystau - secrets and mysteries

ItineraryDay 1: Aktau - Karagie basin - Karatau mountains - Sor TuzbairPass By: Aktau PlazaDeparture along the route: Aktau - Karagiye basin (reserved part) - Karatau mountains (canyons of multi-colored clays) - Tuzbair sor.Meals included: • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: CampingDay 2: Tuzbair - Shopan Ata mosque - Boszhira valleyPass By: Mosque Shopan-Ata, Mangystau ProvinceDeparture along the route: the Tuzbair - the underground mosque Shopan Ata - the valley of Boszhira - the section of the Ustyurt plateau chin.Meals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: CampingDay 3: Tuyesu - Senek - AktauPass By: Aktau PlazaDeparture along the sands route Tuyesu - Senek - Aktau.Meals included: • Breakfast • LunchNo accommodation included on this day.

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Pure nature of Altyn Emel

Day 1Meeting with guide in Almaty and transfer for tour at Altyn Emel (about 260 km from Almaty).At first, we will arrive to Besshatyr (~170 km from Almaty) through Shengeldi. Besshatyr is a complex of Saco mounds, which is a historical monument (the 12th -11th centuries BC). This heritage left by great nomads of Central Asian steppes. In total, there are 18 royal burrows from 8 to 70 meters in diameter, and from 2 to 20 meters in height concentrated in the area of 2 sq.km. A chain of 45 immovable stone fences lies to the West of the royal tombs from North to South, on which drawings of animals are carved.Lunchboxes during excursion.After lunch we are going to see wonderful picture of the nature – Signing Barkhan Dune. This barkhan lasts for 1.5 km long and 120 m high. While the wind is blowing from the West dispersing the sands, one has a feeling that the pipe organ is playing in the heart of the desert (~40 km from Besshatyr).Transfer to Basshi (~45km from Barchan).Dinner and overnight in guesthouse.Day 2Breakfast in guesthouseStart excursion at Aktau-Katytau (~80km from Basshi).We will drive to see red and white colored mountains called Aktau-Katytau mountains. These mountains are famous for its unique appearance. This was probably created by small volcanoes, erupted and immediately cooled down several thousand years ago.Lunchboxes during excursion.Departure to Almaty city