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Transfers & Ground Transport

TSE Astana Airport to Hotel Arrival Transfer by Private Car

Skip the stress and confusion of finding a taxi upon arrival at Astana International airport. Instead, book a great-value private car in advance and enjoy convenient, affordable and reliable private transportation from Astana International Airport (TSE) to your Astana hotel accommodation.
30 minutes
Day Trips & Excursions

City tour in Astana

Astana city tour: • Old part of city: KGB office, theater of russian drama, Karl Marx and Lenin streets, catolic church, sinagogue, russian orthodox church, Matthew Kubrin's district. • New part of city: Sultan Khazret mosque, Pyramid by Normann Foster, Baiterek tower, World EXPO site, Khan Shatyr, presidential square.
9 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

A meal with local family, Kazakh food, direct talk to locals in their house

Traditional kazakh food: beshbarmak, manty or kuwurdak.Tea with traditional nomadic sweets.Introduction into kazakh traditions, family/tribe structure and organization, housekeeping, transition to modern life.
3 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Treasures of Mangystau

1 dayDeparture from Aktau. Arriving in a mysterious valley dotted with huge stone balls of various fantastic shapes, which resemble huge mushrooms, a perfectly round oval, turtles, and an alien figure. Walk on the field of spherical concretions. Lunch in the field. Moving to the valley of the white rocks Akespe. Rest in a canyon, in a dazzling environment of white rocks, resembling a panorama of a fabulous eastern city. Moving to the monument of Dola Apa XII - XIX century. Transfer to Kapy. 2 dayBreakfast in the field in Kapy. A walk along the canyon along the creek and tamarisk thickets. Visit to the underground mosque Shakpak - ata. Tourists will visit the unique four-chamber underground mosque Shakpak ata carved on a rock, representing the best traditions of nomadic stone culture. Shakpak-ata canyon tracking.Transfer to the Aktau city
2 days
Kid Friendly

Mangystau - secrets and mysteries

1 dayDeparture along the route: Aktau - Karagiye depression - Karatau mountains (canyons of multi-colored clays) - Tuzbair sor.Lunch in the field in the canyon of multi-colored clays of Kokala, trekking along the canyons of Kokal.Trekking in the mountains.Field dinner in Tuzbair. Overnight in tents.2 dayBreakfast in the field in Tuzbair.Departure along the route: the Tuzbair - the underground mosque Shopan Ata - the valley of Bozzhira - the section of the Ustyurt plateau.Lunch in the field in the guesthouse of the underground mosque Shopan Ata.Dinner in the field in the valley of Bozzhira.Overnight in tents in the valley of Bozzhira.3 dayBreakfast in the field in the valley of Bozzhira. Trekking. Lunch in the field in the valley of Bozzhira.Departure along the sands route Tuyesu - Senek settlement - Aktau.Return to Aktau in the evening.
3 days
Cultural & Theme Tours

Astana City tour

Would you like to see Astana from a bird’s eye view? Or find out where the richest collection of gold is stored in Kazakhstan? All this and even more you will see during the Astana Grand Tour.“If something is worth doing, then it must be a thing which is considered to be impossible”. This famous quote belongs to well-known English writer Oscar Wilde. Why have we started our tour with such lyric words? Because, in our opinion, Astana exactly appeared because of this ‘impossible thing’ which came true. Astana is the city of contrasts, where you can feel modernity and history, vanity of the West and measured life of the East. Our city tour will give you an opportunity to look in the past and present of the capital, also it will let you open the future of our city.
8 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Otrar And Turkestan - historical sites of Central Asia

Otrar and Turkestan whole day tour takes place in several oldest historical sites of Central Asia. City Otrar is the birth place of medieval philosopher and scientist Al-Farabi, and Turkestan is the burial place of the poet and preacher Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. His mausoleum is a masterpiece of medieval architecture, which has become one of the main worship places of Muslims. Furthermore, in 2003 UNESCO included Mausoleum of Khodja Ahmed Yasawi to the list of the World cultural Heritage. During this day tour you will find out why the mausoleum was included in the UNESCO list, dive into the atmosphere of medieval city which used to be the capital of Kazakhstan. And did you know that in old European maps of 18-19th century current territory of Kazakhstan was identified with Turkestan?
12 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Visiting Baikonur Cosmodrome

Baikonur is the world’s first and also the largest space launch facility. At this time Russian Federation is liaising it in Kazakhstan. Hence Baikonur remains as a busy spaceport. Cosmodrome annually launches numerous missions. And you can visit this spaceport hub. There you can see the launch of Soyuz spaceship. The Spaceship is sent to the Space Station.  Baikonur cosmodrome appeared in 1957. That year the first construction works were completed. There are now starting platforms for new types, assembly areas for rockets. Also, there are fuel stations, missile control, and tracking complexes.
3 days
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Adventurous Mangistau

Tour takes place in the Southwestern part of Kazakhstan, on the shore of the World’s only inland sea – the Caspian sea. It is a land of ancient civilization, open-air museum, where 11 thousand historical monuments are placed under the state protection. Archaeological finds indicate that this region 1 billion years ago used to be the bottom of Tethys ocean. While driving with us through this Mangistau tour, you might find ancient seashells of the legendary ocean. The landscapes are so extraordinarily unique that you start wondering which planet you’ve landed on and where is the nearest “settlement”.
3 days
Cultural & Theme Tours

The Silk Road tour of Kazakhstan

The Silk Road tour of Kazakhstan covers several oldest historical cities – Otrar, Turkestan and Shymkent. The tour lasts for 2 days. First of all you will learn everything about the Silk Road heritage of South Kazakhstan . The highlight of the trip is an ancient-fortress city of Sauran. The city peacefully stands in the middle of the steppe. Time had completely ruined the city. As a result people started to reconstruct it. For this reason serious excavation works are taking place there.The Great Silk Road played a major role in the development of economic and cultural relations. It covered population of Asia Minor, Central Asia, the Caucasus and China. It served as a corridor for technological, cultural and religious exchange.In 2003 UNESCO has included Mausoleum of Khodja Ahmed Yasawi to the list of the World cultural Heritage. Do you want to learn more about this mausoleum?
2 days