Top things to do in Petropavlovsk

Gallery in Petropavlovsk

Museum of Fine Arts

Housed inside an early 20th century merchant's house, this engaging art gallery is home to a large collection of painstakingly restored 19th century Russian icons. The rest of the museum is given over to 20th centur…
Armenian in Petropavlovsk

Cafe Urartu

The succulent grilled meats, boat-shaped manty (steamed dumplings), dolma (stuffed peppers), hearty soups and other Armenian dishes have won this restaurant many local fans. It's easy to spot due to its kitschy cast…
Museum in Petropavlovsk

Ablai Khan Residence

This stately 1829 building stands on the site of the original wooden one where the revered Kazakh leader Ablai Khan lived in the 18th century under a decree of Catherine the Great. The residence is a museum dedicate…