Top things to do in Kyzylorda

Uzbek in Kyzylorda


Manty (steamed dumplings), plov (pilaf), shashlyk and a plethora of salads are all present and correct at this cavernous Uzbek restaurant. There's good draught beer on tap, too.
Museum in Kyzylorda

Kyzylorda Regional Museum

Displays trace the history of the region, from archaeological finds from the nearby Silk Road settlement of Syganak and the ecological devastation wreaked on the Aral Sea, to the 15th-century khanates (look out for …
Cafeteria in Kyzylorda


This large, very clean, self-service restaurant does a range of well-priced and decently presented fare from manty (steamed dumplings) and grilled chicken to salads and shubat (fermented camel's milk).