Kurchatov & the Polygon attractions

Top Choice Research Centre in Kurchatov & the Polygon

Semipalatinsk Polygon

Between 1949 and 1989, 456 nuclear tests were conducted on the territory of the Polygon, the Soviet Union's primary nuclear test site, both above and below ground. Much of the 18,000 sq km area is now considered saf…
Museum in Kurchatov & the Polygon

Radiation Safety & Ecology Institute Museum

The museum in the Institute of Radiation Safety & Ecology includes a chilling model of the Experimental Field (where aircraft, buildings and live animals were placed close to the explosion to test its effects), …
Ghost Town in Kurchatov & the Polygon


Roughly halfway along the R-174 from Semey to Kurchatov, a turnoff leads towards a former closed town, populated by military personnel until the collapse of the Soviet Union. This was the airbase where the bombers u…