Top things to do in Karaganda

Top Choice Museum in Karaganda

KarLag Museum

Housed in the old KarLag headquarters building, this poignant museum walks you through KarLag's role in the Soviet Gulag Archipelago. The repression of Kazakh 'kulaks', the post-1917-Revolution Red Terror, the man-m…
Museum in Karaganda

Karaganda Ecological Museum

The Karaganda Ecological Museum, run by a dedicated, campaigning environmental NGO, is aimed at local schoolchildren and is the most imaginative museum in the country. Everything can be touched, and this includes la…
Memorial in Karaganda


One of Kazakhstan's biggest Gulag memorials, 35km south of Karaganda on the Almaty highway, Spassk was the site of a KarLag camp where foreign prisoners of war were kept after WWII. Beside the highway is the mass gr…
Memorial in Karaganda

Lenin Statue

A little out of the way, but worth seeking out if you're into your Soviet memorials, this large statue depicts Lenin rising upwards from a block of granite. The statue was moved to its present location in front of t…
Memorial in Karaganda

Nurken Abdirov

This dramatic memorial portrays a young Kazakh pilot, Nurken Abdirov – a Hero of the Soviet Union – defiantly gripping the steering of his plane as he guides it down. In the Battle of Stalingrad, in 1943, Abdirov an…
Georgian in Karaganda

Moi Tbilisi

Georgian classics such as chicken satsivi (in walnut sauce), pkhali (cold, herb-infused vegetable starters), khinkali (steamed, meat-filled dumplings) and grilled meats are served in a log-cabin-style interior with …
Monument in Karaganda

Yuri Gagarin Monument

This heroic-looking statue of Yury Gagarin, first man in space, was erected in 2014 on what would have been Gagarin's 80th birthday to commemorate his landing in the steppe near Karaganda. A gleaming rocket behind h…
International in Karaganda


Set in a stone-walled basement not unlike a castle cellar, with high-back wooden booths, Pivovaroff is a good choice for dining on salads and grills (including shashlyk and German sausages) and quaffing unfiltered S…
International in Karaganda

Line Brew

The local branch of the revered countrywide microbrewery serves superlative meat dishes (steaks, shashlyk, mutton leg baked in foil) to complement the seriously good, locally brewed lager and wheat beer.
Live Music in Karaganda


Elvis is a fun place to listen to live rock and roll, jazz or blues (nightly from 10pm), drink some beer and eat good food – especially in the open air in summer.