Aral attractions

Top Choice Natural Feature in Aral

Aral Sea

A trip to the slowly replenishing Aral Sea is the main – the only! – reason to come to Aral. Near its northern shore rise the sculpted rock formations of a magnificent canyon, in shades of ochre and yellow, reminisc…
Museum in Aral

Fishermen's Museum

Four fishing boats stand on pedestals beside Aral's former harbour, near the town centre, as a tribute to fallen heroes. The biggest of the four now forms part of the Fishermen's Museum, which has fishing gear, pain…
Museum in Aral

History Museum

Aral's small history museum has a few desiccation photos, some imaginative oil paintings and around 15 jars preserving different Aral Sea fish species – all now again present in the North Aral except for the sturgeo…