Getting There & Away

You need your own wheels to access the park.

Getting Around

You need to be in a vehicle to visit the park and visitors must stick to three linear routes of between 80km and 160km (one way) each. The western route (No 2), accessed through Shengeldy village, is the easiest reached from Almaty and includes the Terekty Petroglyphs and Besshatyr burial mounds. The central (No 1) and eastern (No 3) routes are both accessed through Basshi village inside the park's northern edge and are more popular than No 2: No 1 reaches the Singing Dune, while No 3 gets into some of the park's most remote territory, in the Katutau and Aktau mountains. It's difficult to cover more than one route in one day.

Cyclists don't need a guide, but are only allowed to do the tough cycle ride to the Singing Dune and back.