Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 8000T

  • Hostel dorm: 2800–3500T
  • Meal at a stolovaya: 1000T
  • City bus: 80–100T
  • Admission to museums: 500–1000T

Midrange: 8000–28,000T

  • Double room in a hotel: 12,000–20,000T
  • Lunch and dinner in local restaurants: 5000–7000T
  • Taxi ride across town: 1500T
  • Train from Almaty to Astana platskartny (hard-sleeper train)/kupeyny (soft-sleeper train): 4443/9774T

Top end: More than 28,000T

  • Double room in a top hotel: 25,000–70,000T
  • Dinner in a high-end restaurant: 8000–20,000T
  • High-speed train from Almaty to Astana (VIP class): 13,567T