Top things to do in Aktau

Georgian in Aktau


Near the promenade and the MiG plane, this Georgian place has a medieval-cellar ambience. Standout dishes include slow-cooked lamb and veal chakhushuly (spicy soup) with herbs and vegetables, lobio (beans with walnu…
Central Asian in Aktau


Some of the best shashlyk in town – tender lamb, pork or sturgeon – are grilled up at this place with no sign but recognisable by the trees lining its perimeter. The shashlyk go down a treat with chips, a salad and …
Fusion in Aktau


Fusion is exactly that: a melange of sushi, pan-Asian noodle dishes, salads, shashlyk and vaguely international meat and fish dishes. It's a bit of a catch-all place, but it's all well-prepared and the service is sw…
Memorial in Aktau

WWII Memorial

This striking war memorial consists of an eternal flame, surrounded by five enormous white panels that make an enormous open yurt, with each panel inscribed with sorrowful scenes from each year of the war.
Bar in Aktau

Guns & Roses

The best of Aktau's handful of British-style pubs, Guns & Roses serves generous burgers, steaks and pizzas, shows sport on TV and hosts a live rock/jazz/pop band from 10pm Thursday to Saturday.
Kazakh in Aktau

Shashlyki u Dyadyi Gadima

Considered by locals to serve some of the best shashlyk in the city, Uncle Gadim's place really delivers when it comes to large skewers of delicious grilled meat. There's a summer terrace, too.
Cafe in Aktau


Lido's two open-air decks are packed for summer-night drinks and there's an assortment of grilled dishes to go with your beer.
Museum in Aktau

Regional Museum

Though there's no English labelling, this museum has moderately interesting exhibits focusing on regional history and ecology. These range from pickled Caspian fish and Stone, Bronze and Iron age implements to the K…
Natural Feature in Aktau


From the MiG fighter plane memorial you can descend steps to the breezy seafront, a mixture of low cliffs, rocks and thin sandy strips, with assorted cafes and bars that are lively in summer (when some of them doubl…
International in Aktau

Costa's Cafe

Bright, clean and pleasant, and in a new location, Costa's is a sound bet for anything from English breakfast to pancakes, pasta, salads or cakes.