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2-Day Trip to Altyn Emel National Park

Aktau (means "white mountains") is the chalk mountains of different colors, mostly white.The mountains have picturesque, Martian landscapes.The age of mountains is 60 - 70 million years. The mountains are composed of a lifeless bright-colored stones which are very mysterious creation of nature.These blue, red, white, pink, green slopes cut by erosion, so unusual that it is impossible to overlook them.So-called Singing Dune is a popular attraction in Altyn-Emel. The size of the Dune is enormous: its length is about two-three kilometers, with the height of about 120 meters. What is unique about the Dune is that in dry weather it produces melody-like sounds, which is the very reason for calling it Singing Dune. The ‘song’ of the Dune can be heard even several kilometers away from its location.
2 days
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Treasures of Mangystau

1 dayDeparture from Aktau. Arriving in a mysterious valley dotted with huge stone balls of various fantastic shapes, which resemble huge mushrooms, a perfectly round oval, turtles, and an alien figure. Walk on the field of spherical concretions. Lunch in the field. Moving to the valley of the white rocks Akespe. Rest in a canyon, in a dazzling environment of white rocks, resembling a panorama of a fabulous eastern city. Moving to the monument of Dola Apa XII - XIX century. Transfer to Kapy. 2 dayBreakfast in the field in Kapy. A walk along the canyon along the creek and tamarisk thickets. Visit to the underground mosque Shakpak - ata. Tourists will visit the unique four-chamber underground mosque Shakpak ata carved on a rock, representing the best traditions of nomadic stone culture. Shakpak-ata canyon tracking.Transfer to the Aktau city
2 days
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Mangystau - secrets and mysteries

1 dayDeparture along the route: Aktau - Karagiye depression - Karatau mountains (canyons of multi-colored clays) - Tuzbair sor.Lunch in the field in the canyon of multi-colored clays of Kokala, trekking along the canyons of Kokal.Trekking in the mountains.Field dinner in Tuzbair. Overnight in tents.2 dayBreakfast in the field in Tuzbair.Departure along the route: the Tuzbair - the underground mosque Shopan Ata - the valley of Bozzhira - the section of the Ustyurt plateau.Lunch in the field in the guesthouse of the underground mosque Shopan Ata.Dinner in the field in the valley of Bozzhira.Overnight in tents in the valley of Bozzhira.3 dayBreakfast in the field in the valley of Bozzhira. Trekking. Lunch in the field in the valley of Bozzhira.Departure along the sands route Tuyesu - Senek settlement - Aktau.Return to Aktau in the evening.
3 days
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Pure nature of Altyn Emel

During Altyn Emel tour you are going to be inspired by a variety of Kazakhstan national heritage of local nature. There are majestic canyons, atmospheric dunes, alien looking landscape and more to see and explore.Besshatyr is a complex of Saco mounds, which is a historical monument (the 12th -11th centuries BC). This heritage left by great nomads of Central Asian steppes. There are 18 royal burrows from 8 to 70 meters in diameter. From 2 to 20 meters in height concentrated in the area of 2 sq.km. A chain of 45 immovable stone fences lies to the West of the royal tombs from North to South. There are carved drawings of animals.
2 days