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Outdoor Activities

Hiking to the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands - Slættaratindur

Mondays A five hour trip, with pick up right at your hotel in the capital Tórshavn to the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands, Slættaratindur. After leaving the capital, you will sit down in a comfortable vehicle and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. the drive takes approx. one hour, and the driver usually makes a photo stops or two, so you will get a picture of the "which and the giant" and the village Funningur from above. The hike starts at Eiðisskarð, the mountain pass to the south of Slættaratindur, and the hike to the 880m high top takes us approx. one hour. on the top you will be greeted with a packed lunch and some drinks. After eating lunch and walking around, enjoying the Faroe Islands from above, we head back down to our vehicle and drive you back to your hotel in Tórshavn.
5 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Highlights of the North - six islands in one day

WednesdaysA wholeday guided tour, were you will visit six islands in one day.  Pick up and drop of right at your hotel in Tórshavn. After joining the tour, you can sit back and enjoy the stories from the tourguide and the fantastic surroundings outside while we head up North. You will see the famous statue of the sealwoman, visit Kalsoy, Klaksvík, Kunoy, viđareiđi and many other places. Several photostops are made on the way and you will be provided with a packed lunch and drinks also. This is a tour with everything included, no extra fees so you can just enjoy the day and let the locals do everything for you.
10 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Kallur Lighthouse - Whole Day Guided Tour From Tórshavn

WednesdaysA wholeday guided tour visiting six islands in one day and with some of the most beautiful hiking the Faroe islands has to offer, Kallurin Lighthouse. Sitting down and relaxing in a comfortable coach bus and hear the stories from the local tourguide, sailing with a small ferry, hike with a farmer, see the Seal Woman statue, visit Trøllanes, Mikladalur, Viðareiði and Kunoy in one day is not a day you will forget anytime soon. There is everything included in this tour, pick up in Tórshavn the capital, packed lunch and drinks, ferry tickets, hiking fee and etc. you can just sit down and enjoy the journey
10 hours