Top Choice Sand Dunes in Wadi Rum

Al-Hasany Dunes

While there are dunes in several places around Wadi Rum, the most striking are the red sands that bank up against Jebel Umm Ulaydiyya. If you are on a 4WD tour, drivers will stop near a pristine slope for you to plo…
Top Choice Rock Formation in Wadi Rum

Burdah Rock Bridge

The largest of Rum's three arches is the Burdah Rock Bridge, precariously perched about 80m above surrounding rock. There’s a precipitous hike to the summit.
Top Choice Canyon in Wadi Rum

Khazali Siq

An easy siq to explore is the narrow fissure that cuts into Jebel Khazali. You can explore on foot for about 150m, far enough to appreciate the cool shade and to see inscriptions made by the ancients who used the si…
Museum in Wadi Rum

Visitor Centre Museum

While you are buying your ticket to enter Wadi Rum, spare half an hour to visit the informative museum (next to the restaurant) which helps to give a human context to the desert. The displays also explain environmen…
Desert in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Protected Area

Admission to Wadi Rum Protected Area is controlled and all vehicles, camels and guides must be arranged either through or with the approval of the visitor centre. Essential items to bring include a hat, preferably w…
Rock Formation in Wadi Rum

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Named in honour of Lawrence’s book, this large rock formation, with seven fluted turrets, is easy to see from the road. If you fancy a closer look, a rewarding hike circumnavigates the mountain via Makharas Canyon. …
Mountain in Wadi Rum

Jebel Umm al-Ishrin

The deeply crevassed ‘Mother of Twenty’, a 20-domed mountain forming the east flank of Wadi Rum, is connected to the Seven Pillars of Wisdom formation. The mountain acquired its name, according to local legend, afte…
Mountain in Wadi Rum

Jebel Rum

The western flank of Wadi Rum is formed by Jebel Rum (1754m) which towers over Wadi Rum village. It is a popular destination for scramblers and climbers who tackle parts of the ancient Thamudic Way to the summit (gu…
Village in Wadi Rum

Rum Village & Village Plaza

Rum village, in the middle of Wadi Rum, houses a small community of Bedouin who have chosen to settle rather than continue a more traditional nomadic life. The village has a rest house, restaurants and a couple of g…
Ruins in Wadi Rum

Nabataean Temple

On a small hill in Rum village, about 400m behind the Rest House (follow the telephone poles), are the limited ruins of a 2000-year-old temple, dedicated to the deity Lat. Inside the Rest House an information board …