Wadi Musa in detail


Dangers & Annoyances

  • Women travelling alone need to be more on their guard in budget hotels in Wadi Musa than in other towns in Jordan. In particular, it's worth making sure doors lock properly, and there are no peepholes.
  • Attempts to befriend lone travellers are generally good-natured, but promises of undying love and affection should be treated with the suspicion they deserve.
  • Alighting from the minibus in Wadi Musa with a backpack is likely to result in being cajoled into a particular hotel by persuasive touts. Deciding on a choice of hotel in advance helps.


There are several ATMs dotted around town, including at the Arab Bank in central Wadi Musa and at the Mövenpick Hotel near the Petra Visitor Centre. Many hotels will change money, albeit at a poor rate. The banks are open from about 8am to 2pm Sunday to Thursday and (sometimes) 9am to 11am on Friday.

Tourist Information

Information and tickets are available at the Petra Visitor Centre, just before the main entrance to the Ancient City.