Wadi Musa in detail


Visitors have a choice of more than 70 hotels (none of which are inside the Ancient City itself) catering to most budgets. Prices generally include a private bathroom, breakfast, free wi-fi and tax; they sometimes include a free transfer to the Petra Visitor Centre. Outside high season (April to mid-May and October to November) prices drop substantially from official rates, especially for stays of three nights or more.

Lower Wadi Musa

Most top-end and midrange hotels are located at the bottom end of town, within walking distance to the entrance to Petra and well supplied with restaurants and souvenir shops. Their proximity to the Petra Visitor Centre can be a boon after a long day's hiking in the Ancient City.

Central Wadi Musa

The hotels in the town centre are most convenient for the bus station, cheaper cafes and supermarkets. It’s possible to walk downhill to the Petra Visitor Centre from here, but it won't leave as much energy for exploring the Ancient City itself.

Upper Wadi Musa

Some good budget and midrange options are available on the King's Highway between Moses' Spring and the start of Main St, all of which have panoramic views.

The luxury hotels of Upper Wadi Musa are located on the scenic road that leads from the town centre to Tayyibeh, a 10- to 15-minute drive from the Petra Visitor Centre. Perched at around 1400m above sea level, they offer fine views over the Rift Valley and most have beautiful terraces for a sunset drink. On the downside, they feel very much removed from the Petra experience.