While pretty much the only reason to come to Wadi Musa is to visit Petra, the town does have a few activities of its own, one of which is enjoying a Turkish bath, of which there are many scattered all over town.


A Turkish bath is the perfect way to ease aching muscles after a long day’s walk in Petra. This time-honoured bathing experience is enjoying a current resurgence of popularity and many new baths have appeared in Wadi Musa, most attached to hotels, including the Amra Palace Hotel and the Petra Palace Hotel.

The service on offer at a hammam (bathhouse) typically includes steam bath, massage, hot stones, scrubbing and ‘body conditioning’. The baths are popular with tourists and locals alike, so it's best to book ahead, especially if requesting a female attendant (women only). Prices typically cost JD15 to JD30, depending on the combination of services on offer. Hotels often offer their residents discounts to their own or the baths they patronise.