Getting There & Away

Umm Al Jimal is about 20km east of Mafraq and only 10km from the Syrian border. With an early start, it is possible to do a day trip from Amman by public transport. From the Abdali or Raghadan bus stations in Amman, catch a bus or minibus to Bedouin station in Mafraq (possibly with a connection in Zarqa), and from Mafraq catch another minibus to Umm Al Jimal.

If you’re driving, head 16km east of Mafraq along Hwy 10 towards Safawi, then take the signed turn-off north for 3km to Umm Al Jimal. If you have chartered a taxi from Amman for a day trip around the desert castles, it is possible to include Umm Al Jimal on the itinerary for a little extra (about JD10) – but start early to fit it all in.