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salem offers many ways to explore the Wadi Rum : hiking, camel riding or by jeep.He also invites you to discover hidden and amazing landscapes of the desert, saving you the noise of the 4x4 and the tourist crowds.He can also guide you as you climb the arches or the mountains, espacially the highest, Um Ad Dami at 1854 m, near the border of Saudi Arabia.If you wish, you can spend a night in the desert,.After having admired the sunset and savoured a bedouin dinner and its tea, you will sleep according to your choice either under the stars or in an individual tent . around a wooden fire.Choose one of the tours offered, or build your own program "à la carte" for one or more days by combining the proposed activities.salem is at your disposal for any further information and will help you define a program that will best suit your expectations: places to visit, mean (s) of travel, number of days and nights in the desert. Food can be adapted to your needs or your desire

legend symbols Bivouac camping: a unique opportunity to feel like a real Bedouin in Wadi Rum desert

Imagine waking up to just the light sound of birds in their morning chirp and all else is silent. The air is refreshing as the sun rises casting its light on the sandstone mountains of Wadi Rum. It is a unique opportunity to sleep in a ‘cave’ in the desert. And for sure a night in the desert will be the highlight of your visit to Wadi Rum. Spending the night in a ‘cave’ is as close as you can get to how Bedouin in the past used to spend their nights when travelling with their camels. And how Bedouin these days still love to spend their nights out in the desert. How bivouac camping works

After your day tour, we drive to a ‘cave’. The cave is more an overhanging rock that protects us from sun, rain and wind. Besides our own ‘cave’ we have a couple of other locations where we do bivouac camping. Where you will sleep depends on your tour program. And during the high season also on which place is available.  Once we arrive at the ‘cave’ we cook you a traditional Bedouin dinner. Afterwards, you can spend the evening around the fire. We can tell you about Bedouin culture and music or you can gaze into the starry night sky and enjoy the peaceful silence of the desert.Once it is time to sleep we will organise the mattresses on a carpet and provide you with your sleeping equipment. During the summer season, we provide a sleeping bag and sheet. For trekking outside the summer season we also provide a blanket and a bivouac tent for in case you prefer to sleep ‘inside’.The next morning you can wake up to the rising sun. We prepare you a breakfast. And after breakfast, we either continue your tour or return to Rum village.A few important notes:Bivouac camping is back to basics which means that bathroom facilities are not available.Bivouac camping is only available as part of one of our tours.You can extend your tour with a pre- or post-night in our camp, Wadi Rum Base Camp.These tours can be done in combination with bivoauc camping:1-day Wadi Rum jeep tour1-day Wadi Rum desert tour Burdah2-day Wadi Rum desert tour Jabal Al-Hash2-day Wadi Rum desert tour Jabal Um ad Dami2-day Wadi Rum camel ride3-day Wadi Rum desert tour3-day Wadi Rum trekking5-day Wadi Rum trekking9-day Wadi Rum trekking

What's included

  • الإقامة حسب مسار الرحلة
  • الاقامة ليلة وضحاها
  • إقامة لليلتين
  • إقامة 3 ليال
  • الإقامة 4 ليال
  • إقامة 5 ليال
  • وجبة افطار
  • عشاء مفتوح
  • بوفيه غداء
  • شاي العصر
  • مياه معبأة
  • سائق / دليل
  • رحلة منطاد الهواء الساخن
  • النقل عن طريق المركبات الخاصة

What's not included

  • Entrance fees
  • The listed price does not include a $X per person fuel surcharge, payable at the time of tour check-in. The fuel surcharge is required by our local supplier and is not within our control.
  • Excess luggage charges (where applicable)
  • The listed price does not include a $X per person security surcharge, payable at the time of tour check-in. The security surcharge is required by our local supplier and is not within our control.
  • The listed price does not include a $X per person departure tax, payable at the time of tour check-in. The departure tax is required by our local supplier and/or the local transit or governing authority and is not within our control.
  • Alcoholic drinks (available to purchase)
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Transportation to/from attractions
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off (if option not selected)