Must-see attractions in Bethany-Beyond-the-Jordan

  • Spring of John the Baptist


    Accessible on foot (hot in summer so take a hat and water), this is one of several places where John is believed to have carried out baptisms. Most…

  • Baptism Site of Jesus Christ


    A covered walking trail meanders past ancient steps down to the original water level and the sparse archeological remains of 5th-century Byzantine…

  • Rhotorios Monastery


    The hill behind the House of Mary the Egyptian holds the presumed cave of John the Baptist, a 5th-century monastery (built around the site) and the ruined…

  • Tell Elias


    Tell Elias is where Elijah is said to have ascended to heaven, although there is little to see here. The rebuilt arch marks the 5th- to 6th-century…

  • House of Mary the Egyptian


    Mary the Egyptian was a ‘reformed sinner’ who lived and died in a two-room house in the 4th century, now a ruin. The trail continues left, up some wooden…

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