Top things to do

Top Choice Canyon in Wadi Rum

Khazali Siq

An easy siq to explore is the narrow fissure that cuts into Jebel Khazali. You can explore on foot for about 150m, far enough to appreciate the cool shade and to see inscriptions made by the ancients who used the si…
Top Choice Seafood in Aqaba

Captain’s Restaurant

Serving consistently good quality seafood, including sayadieh (fish served with rice in an onion and tomato sauce) and seafood salad, this is a perennially popular choice for locals with something to celebrate. The …
Top Choice Desert in Wadi Rum

Al-Hasany Dunes

While there are dunes in several places around Wadi Rum, the most striking are the red sands that bank up against Jebel Umm Ulaydiyya. If you are on a 4WD tour, drivers will stop near a pristine slope for you to plo…
Top Choice Italian in Aqaba

Royal Yacht Club Restaurant

With views of the marina, this elegant, wood-panelled restaurant is the place to savour a romantic sunset and mingle with Aqaba’s nouveau riche. The mostly Italian menu includes Mediterranean favourites like crab, a…
Top Choice Jordanian in Aqaba

Ali Baba Restaurant

With its wooden awning, leafy cannas and potted palm trees, this favourite still draws the crowds. The outdoor seating area wrapped around the corner facade is a good vantage point for people-watching. In the evenin…
Top Choice Natural Feature in Wadi Rum

Burdah Rock Bridge

The largest of Rum's three arches is the Burdah Rock Bridge, precariously perched about 80m above surrounding rock. There’s a precipitous hike to the summit.
Ruins in Southern Jordan

Humaiyma Ruins

Pressed up against the cliffs on the opposite side of the highway to Wadi Rum is the seldom-visited Bedouin district of Humaiyma. Curious visitors who notice the brown sign off the main Aqaba Hwy and struggle along …
Spring in Wadi Rum

Lawrence’s Spring

This spring, on the edge of the open sands, is a regular stop on the 4WD circuit. Alternatively, it can be reached on a soft sand hike from the Rest House; the walk takes about 1½ hours return. Look for a white wate…
Desert in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Protected Area

Admission to Wadi Rum Protected Area is controlled and all vehicles, camels and guides must be arranged either through or with the approval of the visitor centre. Essential items to bring include a hat, preferably w…
Fort in Aqaba

Aqaba Fort

The fort was built between 1510 and 1517, as attested by the Arabic inscriptions inside the monumental gateway, and was used as a khan (travellers’ inn) for pilgrims on their way to Mecca. The Ottomans occupied the…