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Salt is visited by few foreign tourists and remains one of the undiscovered highlights of the Jordan Valley. A number of international aid packages awarded to the city have been used to preserve many of its old buildings. While tourist infrastructure is largely still lacking, it’s heartening to see that the residents of Salt have embraced their city’s architectural heritage.

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$106.38 Cultural & Theme Tours

Wrestle with a Sumo Wrestler on Real Sumo Ring in Ryogoku

Join this tour and stand on an actual Sumo Ring and face off with an ex-Sumo wrestler! We offer you an exciting chance to interact with sumo wrestlers!!You will be able to learn the basic rules and regulation and also the daily life of a Sumo wrestler and their struggle to reach the top. This is a very rare opportunity that you don't wan't to miss out. Sumo is a national Japanese sport and part of traditional Japanese culture. It is believed that the origin lies in the mythical age. Sumo has been familiar with Japanese culture and the lives of many people. Sumo has many faces such as historical, cultural, Shinto ritual or athletic, and each of them has a particular feature.What makes this experience is special is that anyone has the chance to stand on a real Sumo ring and face off with a Sumo wrestler! (The wrestler will ask for volunteers to stand on the stage to push them, please raise your hand then to be chosen!) Also what makes this tour even more special is the fact that children and women are also allowed to stand on the ring and join the experience. What does this mean?In the Sumo world, women were never allowed on the Sumo ring, and this had been a huge topic in Japan. However with this tour anyone can stand on a real Sumo ring!After the performance and your heroic act of wrestling with a Sumo wrestler you will be able to go to any of the 11 stores that are in the "Edo NOREN" area for lunch. You will be given a ticket which you can choose 1 meal from any of the 11 stores below. *Some restaurant might be closed depending on the date.1. Tokyo Shouten - Japanese Sake store2. Tsukishima Monja MOHEJI - Okonomiyaki (Japanese hybrid of pizza and pancake) 3. Kabuki Maguro - Seafood 4. Chanko Kirishima - Chanko nabe is a dish that Sumo wrestler eats 5. Ryogoku Bashisabo - Japanese sweets 6. Tsukiji Kagura Sushi - Sushi restaurant 7. Nezu Torihana - Chicken cuisine such as Yakitori 8. Tempura Hisago - Tempura restaurant 9. Monzenchaya Narukuchi - Seafood and Rice based cuisine 10. Nihonbashi Yabukyu - Soba restuarant 11. Tsukijishokudo Genchan - Seafood If you don't want to have lunch you can exchange your ticket for souvenirs or for Japanese sake as well! Souvenir options:A option: Sumo design Paper weight B option: Sumo Chopstick C option: Edo Rice + Sumo Ramen (Salt flavor) + Sumo Ring Coaster

$125 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

St John National park Snorkel and Drinks

Visit: JJ Divers St ThomasYour trip comes with All the equipment needed , Soda , water , beer , rum punch , sun screen , safety floats, personal guild and boat captain. Start your day in the marina where you'll will get to know your captain and crew cruise out across the virgin island bay while viewing other local islands and beautiful hill side hoes  on your way to the St John National park Visit 2 National park locations such as Maho bay , Water Lemon , Salt pond and Mingo Key for some up and close time with the underwater world of the Caribbean all while sipping on "all you can drink" choice of beverages  If your adventurous we will even let you jump off the top of the boat !!