Shopping in Petra

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    Umm Raami's Shop

    Marguerite van Geldermalsen, of Married to a Bedouin fame, sells silver jewellery from this stall nearly opposite the cave in which she once lived with her Bedouin husband and in which she raised her eldest son, Raami. The jewellery is inspired by ancient Nabataean designs and crafted by local women originally trained through a Noor Al Hussein Foundation project.

  • Shopping in Wadi Musa

    Made in Jordan

    This shop sells quality crafts from local enterprises. Products include olive oil, soap, paper, ceramics, table runners, nature products from Wild Jordan in Amman, jewellery from Wadi Musa, embroidery from Safi, camel-hair shawls, and bags from Aqaba as well as Jordan River Foundation goods. The fixed prices reflect the quality and uniqueness of each piece; credit cards are accepted. The shop shares the same building and is run by the same enterprise as Petra Kitchen.

  • Shopping in Wadi Musa

    Indiana Jones Gifts Shop

    This old timer of a store is now one among many in the outdoor shopping complex that arcs around the Petra Visitor Centre. It remains a good place to buy a video of the main sites in Petra or a shamag (headscarf), which works well as a hat in the heat of a summer visit.

  • Shopping in The Ancient City

    Why Not Shop

    Selling a collection of souvenirs and with an ever-friendly greeting for those with the energy to walk beyond the Treasury, this Bedouin shop also sells refreshments. It is also a useful landmark as it marks the entrance to the stone staircase for the High Place of Sacrifice.

  • Shopping in Wadi Musa

    Rum Studio & Labs

    Some pocket-sized cameras and a range of digital accessories are available here; the shop is located in front of the Silk Road Hotel on the main street.

  • Shopping in Wadi Musa

    Andalusia Bazaar

    Has a good selection of hand-blown glass bottles displayed in the window. Prices cost JD10 to JD40 depending on the complexity of the design.