Must-see shopping in Petra

  • Top Choice
    Umm Raami's Shop

    Marguerite van Geldermalsen, of Married to a Bedouin fame, sells silver jewellery from this stall nearly opposite the cave in which she once lived with…

  • Made in Jordan

    This shop sells quality crafts from local enterprises. Products include olive oil, soap, paper, ceramics, table runners, nature products from Wild Jordan…

  • Indiana Jones Gifts Shop

    This old timer of a store is now one among many in the outdoor shopping complex that arcs around the Petra Visitor Centre. It remains a good place to buy…

  • Why Not Shop

    Selling a collection of souvenirs and with an ever-friendly greeting for those with the energy to walk beyond the Treasury, this Bedouin shop also sells…

  • Rum Studio & Labs

    Some pocket-sized cameras and a range of digital accessories are available here; the shop is located in front of the Silk Road Hotel on the main street.

  • Andalusia Bazaar

    Has a good selection of hand-blown glass bottles displayed in the window. Prices cost JD10 to JD40 depending on the complexity of the design.