Petra in detail

Flights & getting there

Petra is a four-hour drive from Amman, two hours from Aqaba and 1½ hours from Wadi Rum. If driving to or from the Dead Sea, consider travelling along the spectacular and seldom-used road that links Little Petra with Wadi Araba through Namleh. Signs stating that this route is closed are outdated, but flash floods often cause damage to the road, so it's worth checking locally before attempting the drive.

Petra: Public Transport at a Glance

Amman (210km) via Desert Hwy4hr1 bus daily/11 minibuses dailyJETT Bus Leaves 6.30am from the JETT bus office near Abdali Bus Station. Returns 4pm (summer 5pm) from Petra Visitor Centre. Minibus Leaves (only when full) between 6am and noon to/from the South Bus Station (Wihdat) in Amman and Wadi Musa Bus Station.
Wadi Rum (90km)2hr1 dailyMinibus Leaves 6am from Wadi Musa bus station. Leaves 8.30am from Petra Visitor Centre. May only leave if full: ask hotel/camp owner to contact bus driver in advance.
Aqaba (120km)2½hr4 dailyMinibus Leaves between 6.30am and 8.30am, with one mid-afternoon to/from Wadi Musa Bus Station and Aqaba Minibus Station. Leaves only when full.