Getting There & Away

Petra is a four-hour drive from Amman, two hours from Aqaba and 1½ hours from Wadi Rum. If driving to or from the Dead Sea, consider travelling along the spectacular and seldom-used road that links Little Petra with Wadi Araba through Namleh. Signs stating that this route is closed are outdated, but flash floods often cause damage to the road, so it's worth checking locally before attempting the drive.

Getting Around

There are usually plenty of yellow taxis with green plates travelling up and down the main road of Wadi Musa towards the entrance for Petra, especially in the early morning and late afternoon. They congregate outside Petra Visitor Centre. It's best to stick with these taxis as other cars offering taxi services are unlicensed and often uninsured. Taxis are unmetered, but the fares are kept pretty much standard. Between lower and central Wadi Musa it costs JD4; between lower and upper Wadi Musa (Moses' Spring) it costs JD7.

Within Petra, the only way to reach most sites is by walking (strong, comfortable shoes are essential!) or by taking a camel, donkey or mule to more distant and uphill sites.