Mobile Phones

There is expansive coverage in Jordan for mobile phone networks. Local SIM cards can be used for international calls and can be topped up with readily available prepaid cards. 4G is increasingly available.

More Information

Two main service providers are Zain ( and Orange (, both of which offer a full range of plans and prepaid SIM cards (ID required to purchase).

Phone Codes

Jordan's country code is 962.

To make a call to a landline, you must precede the six- or seven-digit number with a two-digit area code.

  • 02 Northern Jordan
  • 03 Southern Jordan
  • 05 Jordan Valley, central and eastern districts
  • 06 Amman district
  • 07 Prefix for eight-digit mobile phone numbers
  • 0800 Prefix for toll-free numbers
  • 1212 Local directory assistance (Amman)
  • 131 Local directory assistance (elsewhere)
  • 132 or 133 International directory assistance