Jordan in detail


While Jordanians are quite hard to offend in general, they do appreciate some common courtesies.

  • Greetings Men shake hands (or kiss cheeks) with other men but not always with women. If in doubt, touch your heart instead.
  • Controlled temper Getting angry in public is considered unacceptable. Find a calm way to settle a dispute (for example, in a car accident).
  • Hands The left hand is reserved for ablutions. Pass food and shake hands with the right hand.
  • Feet Shoes are considered unclean. Remove shoes in houses and mosques, and avoid pointing the soles of feet at others.
  • Taboo subjects Discussion about sensitive subjects like politics are best avoided.
  • Respect Jordan has a conservative culture. Avoid wearing tight or revealing clothing or taking photos without permission.
  • Religious norms Muslims fast during Ramadan. Avoid eating and drinking in public at that time and never offer a Muslim alcohol.