Tourist Information in The Ancient City

Ticket Office

The ticket office is in the Petra Visitor Centre at the entrance to Petra. Although tickets are not sold after 4pm, you can remain in Petra until sunset (5pm in winter, 7pm in summer). Entry fees are payable in Jord…
Tourist Information in Petra

Petra Visitor Centre

Located just before the entrance to the Ancient City of Petra, this visitor centre houses the ticket office and some useful interpretative information about the site. Around 280 artefacts from Petra are also on disp…
Police in Petra

Tourist Police Station

Within the Petra Visitor Centre complex. There's a visible tourist police presence inside Petra, many smartly dressed and on horseback. This is the place to register complaints about harassment within the Ancient Ci…
Hospital in Wadi Musa

Queen Rania Hospital

High-standard healthcare; open for emergencies without referral. Located 5km from the police roundabout on the road to Tayyibeh.
Pharmacy in Wadi Musa

Wadi Musa Pharmacy

One of several pharmacies, this is located near the Shaheed roundabout.
Bank in Wadi Musa

Arab Bank

One of several ATMs available in central Wadi Musa.