Petra in detail


Petra is not just a world-class sight in terms of its architecture, it also offers fine opportunities for activities, such as short hikes for a range of abilities to major treks, including a portion of the multi-day Jordan Trail. Horse riding, hammam-bathing and cooking are also possible in the vicinity.

The Jordan Trail: Petra to Wadi Rum

  • Distance 90.6km
  • Duration Five days

The route joining the two iconic destinations of Petra and Wadi Rum lies across some of the wildest stretches of desert in Jordan.

The trek begins by meandering out of the Ancient City of Petra via Sabra. There's a side trip up Jebel Haroun on offer for those who are hankering after the steep challenges of the previous leg. For the more sane hiker, the route climbs to a plateau and then leads gradually down to the desert floor near the little-visited ruins of Humeima. From here, the hike into Wadi Rum gives rise to magnificent views of the wind-eroded landscape that made such an impression on Lawrence of Arabia.

The hike is marked by a couple of relatively easy days – an opportunity to shore up energy needed to tackle walking on soft sand towards the end of the five-day leg. Wild camping here is accompanied by some of the best show of stars along the trail.

Visit the Jordan Trail ( for route maps, GPS waypoints and detailed breakdowns of daily hikes.