Must-see attractions in Petra

  • Middle Market

    It is likely that the shops of the upper market would have continued along this portion of the Colonnaded Street.

  • Ath Thughra Ruins

    Lining the steep banks of Wadi Thughra, tombs coddle almost the entire area of this vertical piece of rock.

  • Broken Pediment Tomb

    Erosion has left only a weathered 'keyhole' in the facade of this tomb, accessed via stone steps.

  • Sacred Hall

    The Sacred Hall may have had ritual connections with the Treasury, diagonally opposite.

  • Nabataean Quarry

    Tucked along Wadi Siyagh, at a bend in the rocky wadi bottom, there is a hint of former excavation along the wadi walls. Most of the edifices in the…

  • Altar

    The sacrificial altar in front of the Qasr Al Bint was once overlaid with marble, indicating that it was probably the main place of worship in the…

  • Az Zantur

    A 1st-century AD palace that’s still under excavation.