Top Choice Church in Madaba

St George’s Church & Mosaic Map

This rather modest 19th-century Greek Orthodox church houses a treasure of early Christianity. Imagine the excitement in 1884 when Christian builders came across the remnants of an old Byzantine church on their cons…
Top Choice Museum in Madaba

Shrine of the Beheading of John the Baptist

This operational early-20th-century Roman Catholic Church has been transformed into an intriguing destination for visitors and pilgrims by the restoration of the ancient sites upon which the church sits. The gem of …
Archaeological Site in Madaba

Madaba Archaeological Park I & Virgin Mary Church

Some careful restoration and excavation in the early 1990s led to the creation of this open-air museum which houses a collection of ruins and fine mosaics from the Madaba area. The Church of the Virgin Mary is also …
Archaeological Site in Madaba

Archaeological Park II

Walkways lead around the ruins of this late-6th-century luxury private mansion, destroyed by fire and earthquake around AD 749. From this vantage point, there’s a good view of assorted mosaics, the best of which are…
Historic Building in Madaba

Visitors Centre

This helpful interpretative centre makes a good starting point for visiting the highlights of Madaba. It is worth a visit in its own right as it is housed in a beautifully restored traditional house from the late …
Museum in Madaba

Madaba Museum

Housed in several old Madaba residences, highlights of this museum include a 6th-century mosaic depicting a naked satyr, a saucy (and partially damaged) mosaic of Ariadne dancing with cymbals on her hands and feet, …
Mosaic Workshop in Madaba

Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art & Restoration

Originally set up as a school in 1992 by the Jordanian Government, this institute trains Jordanian artists in the production and restoration of mosaics, spreads awareness of mosaics in Jordan and actively preserves …
Church in Madaba

Church of the Apostles

This insignificant-looking church contains a remarkable mosaic dedicated to the Twelve Apostles. The embroidery-like mosaic was created in AD 568 and is one of the few instances where the name of the craftsman (Salo…
Mosque in Madaba


The largest mosque in town, the minarets of this gracious building are visible above the town's skyline, making it a useful landmark.
Church in Madaba


A working church, serving the large Christian community in Madaba.