There's a rewarding hike from Siq Al Barid to the Monastery (Al Deir) inside Petra. Often referred to as the 'back trail to Petra', this beautiful concealed route takes two hours combining 4WD and hiking (three hours hiking only) and costs JD60 for two people. Along the route, which is paved for much of the way and has steps that help with the steep section, there are wonderful views into Wadi Araba. This is one of the routes that Rocky Mountain Hotel in Wadi Musa specialises in, either from its hotel or from its Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp. Another route leads from Petra centre via Wadi Mu’aisireh Al Gharbiya. Both hikes require a guide as it can be hard to find the way. A valid ticket to Petra (not available from Siq Al Barid) is required, and ticket validity is checked along the route.