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Little Petra Siq

An obvious path leads through the 400m-long Siq Al Barid, opening out into flat, sandy areas. The first open area boasts a temple while four triclinia – one on the left and three on the right – are in the second ope…
Ruins in Little Petra

Al Beidha

The neolithic ruins of Al Beidha date back 9000 years and, along with Jericho, constitute one of the oldest archaeological sites in the Middle East. The remains of around 65 round (and later rectangular) structures …
Castle in Little Petra

Al Wu’ira

Built by the Crusaders in AD 1116, Al Wu’ira was overrun by Muslim forces 73 years after construction. An impressive old bridge (previously a drawbridge) leads over the gorge to a gatehouse and the limited ruins.