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Castle in Karak

Karak Castle

This fantastic Crusader stronghold, and later Mamluk fortress, is the reason to visit Karak. Throughout the castle, boards give detailed descriptions of the history and function of particular structures. Reconstruct…
Jordanian in Karak

King’s Castle Restaurant

At busier tourist times, groups come here for the daily lunch buffet. With pleasant outdoor seating, castle views and a host of salads to choose from, it’s easy to understand why. At quieter times, there's no buffet…
Jordanian in Karak

King’s Restaurant

This boulevard restaurant with tables on the pavement attracts travellers at all times of the day and night. It offers grills, pizzas and sandwiches, and local, home-cooked Jordanian dishes like makloubeh (chicken, …
Street Food in Karak

Shawarma Stands

These popular shawarma stands are in a busy part of town, and offer a quick, filling meal.
Monument in Karak

Statue of Saladin

This fine statue of the Muslim hero Saladin (Salah ad Din) sits in the middle of a roundabout at the bottom of the town's main shopping street. Astride a rearing horse, sword in hand, this helmeted bronze figure is …
Jordanian in Karak

Kir Heres Restaurant

This restaurant serves steak, chicken with local herbs, fried halloumi and mushrooms with garlic and thyme, as well as standard Jordanian fare. There's a decent upper gallery, or sit at the tables out the front to w…
Jordanian in Karak

Shehab Restaurant

A reasonable option for standard Jordanian cuisine. Note that if unrequested mezze is brought out and you eat it, it'll be added to the bill.
Jordanian in Karak

Al Fid’a Restaurant

This unsophisticated but popular eatery sells the standard local fare of grilled chicken, hummus and salad.
Supermarket in Karak

Al Shubba

Stock up here on supplies for the next leg of the King’s Highway.
Bakery in Karak

Al Motaz Sweets

This Arabic pastry shop is a must for those with a sweet tooth.