Top Choice Museum in Karak

Islamic Museum

Down the hill by the Mamluk ruins is the excellent Islamic Museum. In a semi-subterranean part of Karak Castle, with a vaulted ceiling, this evocatively lit collection houses some of the finds from the castle and ex…
Top Choice Stables in Karak

Crusader Gallery & Crusader's Gate

The Crusader Gallery functioned as the stables of Karak Castle. Near the far end of the gallery, steps lead down to the Crusader’s Gate. Those entering the castle did so via a narrow winding passage, separated from …
Top Choice Viewpoint in Karak

Glacis & Upper Court

Beyond the parapet at Karak Castle is the glacis, the dizzyingly steep rocky slope that prevented invaders from climbing up to the castle and prisoners from climbing down. This is where Renauld de Châtillon delighte…
Top Choice Palace in Karak

Mamluk Palace and Mosque

Built for Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad in 1311, the open-air reception hall of this palace is a variation of the classic Islamic design of four iwans (chambers) off the main hall; there are barrel-vaulted rooms on two s…
Castle in Karak

Karak Castle

The entrance to Karak Castle is at the southern end of Al Qala’a St. Throughout the castle, informative display boards give detailed descriptions of the history and function of each structure. Bring a torch (flashli…
Castle Gateway in Karak

Ottoman's Gate

The main entrance to Karak Castle is Ottoman’s Gate which is reached via a bridge. The Crusader’s Gate would once have been the main thoroughfare but is currently awaiting restoration and remains closed to the publi…
Christian in Karak

Orthodox Church

Although Karak is largely an Islamic town today, a sizeable Christian minority remains.
Monument in Karak

Statue of Saladin

This fine statue of the helmeted Muslim hero, Saladin, sits in the middle of a roundabout at the bottom of the town's main shopping street. Astride a rearing horse, sword in hand, this bronze figure is beloved by lo…
Mosque in Karak


This mosque, with a clearly visible mihrab (niche) facing Mecca, was probably reserved for palace notables.
Mosque in Karak


One of the largest working mosques in Karak.