Jordanian dinar (JD)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than JD40

  • Shared room in budget guesthouse: JD10–40
  • Street fare and local markets: under JD5
  • Public transport: JD5

Midrange: JD40–120

  • Double room in midrange hotel: JD40–90
  • Eating in local restaurants: JD5–10
  • Car hire: JD50
  • Entry costs/unguided activities: JD10

Top end: More than JD120

  • Double room in five-star hotel: from JD90
  • Buffet lunch/dinner: from JD15
  • 4WD car hire: JD120
  • Guided activities: JD50


Bargaining is expected in Jordan but the margin of movement in terms of the starting and final price is not that great. In fact, haggling over small change is more about social exchange than getting a discount. There are helpful guidelines to get a good deal, but in summary, fix on a maximum price the object is worth to you and if the seller matches it, that's a good price.


There are at least four banks that change money on An Nuzha St, one block south of the Saladin roundabout, and most have an ATM for Visa and MasterCard.