Jerash Festival of Culture & Arts

Cultural in Jerash

If you happen to be in Jerash in July or August it’s worth catching a show in one of its Roman theatres. Since 1981, the city has hosted an annual Festival of Culture & Arts, which features an eclectic array of performances, including plays, poetry readings, opera and musical concerts from around the world.

Events are listed in English in the official souvenir news sheet, the Jerash Daily, printed every day of the festival, and the English-language newspapers published in Amman.

Tickets cost around JD10 for events in Jerash (there are also more formal events in Amman, including at the Roman theatre downtown). Since the events change from year to year, it's best to check online regarding the location of ticketing venues. Several bus companies, including JETT, offer special transport to Jerash, which is useful as public transport usually finishes early in the evening.