The Jordan Trail: Fuheis to Zarqa Ma'in

  • Distance 78km
  • Duration Four days

This four-day section of the Jordan Trail hike offers a great illustration of Jordan's many contrasting landscapes, from rolling green hills to the sparse, rocky crags overlooking the Dead Sea.

From the town of Fuheis, you strike out into fertile countryside dotted with small farms, following the paths of Roman roads towards the ancient ruins at Iraq Al Amir. After staying here one night, the hike takes you southwest down the soft landscapes of the Jordan Valley to the Kafrain Dam where you camp. Over the next day, the landscape grows increasingly stark as you head towards the Dead Sea Plateau. Shepherd's paths take you past old Mukawer, always with views to the sea and the hills in Israel and the Palestinian Territories beyond. Finally, you descend to the springs of Wadi Zarqa Ma'in, where the hike concludes.

This is a moderate hike, but it is best done with support as there is no water available on the last two days. For route maps, GPS waypoints and detailed breakdowns of daily hikes visit Jordan Trail (