Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Mukawir

Bani Hamida Weaving Centre & Gallery

This women's cooperative in Mukawir village (by the side of the road leading to the castle) is run by the Bani Hamida Centre and is a good place to buy gorgeous, colourful kilims and cushions. Designs reflect contem…
Arts & Crafts in Dana

Nature Shop

With a wide range of quality crafts inspired by nature, workshops and a food-drying centre for making organic food, this shop is well worth a visit. Villagers are given the opportunity to make quality local crafts (…
Arts & Crafts in Madaba

Haret Jdoudna Complex

Selling an extensive range of crafts, including mosaics, ceramics, textiles and clothing, this shop, attached to the restaurant of the same name, stocks particularly exquisite embroidery. Many of the items are spons…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Madaba

Lawrence Arts & Crafts

Visit this private workshop for an insight into the painstaking process of laying out mosaics. You can purchase your own copy of the Madaba map or a more modest Tree of Life (from JD8, depending on size).
Arts & Crafts in Madaba

Carpet City

Be warned: it's notoriously difficult to leave a carpet shop in Jordan empty-handed. This is partly due to the skill of the salesmen and partly because the rugs are so desirable. This family-run enterprise made the …
Gifts & Souvenirs in Madaba

Holy Treasures Centre

Opposite St George’s Church, this shop has an extensive range of Dead Sea products. It also sells consecrated holy water from the Jordan River.
Art in Mt Nebo

Jordan Jewel

This handicraft centre specialising in mosaics is located 1km before Mt Nebo on the road from Madaba. The owner employs a large number of locals with physical disabilities.
Food in Madaba


For an unusual present, take home a selection of spices or freshly ground coffee beans from this aromatic grocer.
Jewellery in Madaba

Hanania Silver Shop & Rafidi for Silver

There's little on display in the windows, but every piece in this shop is handcrafted to the highest standards.