There's not much in the way of casual work in Jordan as all such jobs are in hot demand from Palestinian and Iraqi refugees. If you are interested in staying longer in the country and have a specific skill or qualification, it’s best to apply for work before leaving home. That way, your employer will be responsible for paying for your air ticket and will sponsor your work permit.


Qualified dive instructors or divemasters may be able to get work at one of the diving centres in Aqaba, particularly during peak season (September to March). Keep in mind, however, that positions are hotly contested by locals.

Language Teaching

English-teaching opportunities are open to those with TOEFL qualifications. The British Council ( recruits teachers from the UK; you need the RSA Preparatory Certificate (the Diploma is preferred) or equivalent and at least two years’ work experience. Contact them before arriving in Jordan. Casual vacancies within Jordan occasionally arise: address your CV to the Teaching Centre Manager.

AMIDEAST ( runs the other top language school. Like the British Council, teachers are mostly recruited before arrival in Jordan.