Top Choice Castle in Azraq & Around

Qasr al-Azraq

Constructed out of black basalt stone, Qasr al-Azraq was originally three storeys high. Some paving stones in the main entrance have small indentations, carved by former gatekeepers who played a board game using peb…
Top Choice Castle in Azraq & Around

Qusayr Amra

One of the best-preserved desert buildings of the Umayyads, the Unesco World Heritage site of Qusayr Amra is the highlight of a trip into the Eastern Desert. Part of a much greater complex that served as a caravanse…
Top Choice Castle in Shobak Castle

Shobak Castle

Perched in a wild, remote landscape, Shobak Castle wins over even the most castle-weary, despite being less complete than its sister fortification at Karak. Formerly called Mons Realis (the Royal Mountain), it was b…
Top Choice Castle in Mukawir (Machaerus)

Castle of Herod the Great

Machaerus is known locally as Qala’at al-Meshneq (Castle of the Gallows), a fitting name given that it is renowned as the place where John the Baptist was beheaded by Herod Antipas, the successor of Herod the Great.…
Top Choice Castle in Qasr Kharana

Qasr Kharana

Located in the middle of a vast, treeless plain, this imposing thick-walled structure was the most likely inspiration for the ‘desert castle’ moniker and is arguably the most photogenic of all the desert castles. Th…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Around Mt Nebo

Dolmen Field

There are about 40 dolmens scattered across this unmarked site, with at least 12 in good condition. There are thousands more scattered across Jordan, especially around ar-Rawdah.
Archaeological Site in Ajloun

Mar Elias

This little-visited archaeological site, believed to be the birthplace of the prophet Elijah, gives you just the excuse you need to explore the countryside around Ajloun. To be honest, it’s not a spectacular site by…
Castle in Azraq & Around

Qasr al-Mushatta

Of the five major desert castles, the ‘winter palace’ of Qasral-Mushatta is the most time-consuming to reach, and thus usually not part of most organised tours. But this is not to say that recently-reconstructed Mus…
Ruins in Hesban

Tell Hesban

Amateur archaeologists will like Tell Hesban, 9km north of Madaba. Over the centuries this strategic hill has been a Bronze Age settlement, an Amorite capital (900–500 BC), a Hellenistic fortress (198–63 BC), a Roma…
Castle in Azraq & Around

Qasr Aseikhin

This small Roman fort, built from basalt in the 3rd century over the ruins of a 1st-century Nabataean building, is an hour’s detour from Safawi. The small structure is worth a visit for the commanding view of the pl…