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Getting Around

Private Taxi

Private taxis are painted yellow. They are abundant, can be flagged anywhere, have cheap fares and most drivers automatically use the meter. A taxi from downtown to Shmeisani, for example, costs JD2.500, and it’s JD3 to Tabarbour.

Careem (www.careem.com/amman), a Middle East–wide ride-hailing company, operates in Amman, and you can book lifts from your phone app. Being able to enter your destination in the app is very convenient if the driver doesn't speak English. Fares are around a third more expensive than a standard yellow cab. Uber (www.uber.com) is also in Amman.

Service Taxi

These white cabs are shared taxis that stick to specific routes and are not permitted to leave the city limits. Fares cost around 400 fils per seat, and you usually pay the full amount regardless of where you get off. After 8pm, the price for all service taxis goes up by 25%.

There can be long queues at rush hour (8am to 9am and 5pm to 6pm). The cars queue up and usually start at the bottom of a hill – you get into the last car and unusually the whole line rolls back a car space and so on.

Service Taxi Routes

Service taxi 1 From Basman St for 4th Circle.

Service taxi 2 From Basman St for 1st and 2nd Circles.

Service taxi 3 From Basman St for 3rd and 4th Circles.

Service taxi 4 From the side street near the central post office for Jebel Lweibdeh.

Service taxi 6 From Cinema Al Hussein St for the Ministry of the Interior Circle, past Abdali station and JETT international and domestic offices.

Service taxi 7 From Cinema Al Hussein St, up Al Malek Al Hussein St, past Abdali station and King Abdullah Mosque, and along Suleiman Al Nabulsi St for Shmeisani.

Service taxis 25 & 26 From Italian St, downtown, to the top of Jebel Al Ashrafiyeh and near Abu Darwish Mosque.

Service taxi 27 From Italian St to Middle East Circle for Wahadat station.

Service taxi 35 From opposite the Amman Palace Hotel, passing close to the Muhajireen Police Station.

Service taxi 38 From Basman St to Makkah Al Mukarramah Rd.