Arts & Crafts in Amman

Al-Alaydi Jordan Craft Centre

Spread over several floors, just off Al-Kulliyah al-Islamiyah St, this vast showroom includes jewellery, Hebron glassware, Palestinian embroidery, kilims, wood carvings, old kitchen implements and Bedouin tent acces…
Books in Amman

Al-Aulama Bookshop

Good for hard-to-find locally produced (and Lonely Planet) guidebooks, maps and postcards.
Arts & Crafts in Amman


Al-Burgan has a small but good selection of handicraft, but the staff is knowledgeable and prices are reasonable. It’s behind Jordan InterContinental Hotel.
Books in Amman

Amman Bookshop

Just down from 3rd Circle, it has the best range of books and novels in Amman.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Amman


This excellent small showroom has a wide range that includes scarves, bottles of holy water from the Jordan River and spooky reproductions of the famous 6000-year-old statues from Ain Ghazal.
Arts & Crafts in Amman

Bawabet al-Sharq

The ‘Gate of the Orient’ has locally made (some on site) home decor items tending towards the kitsch. Sales benefit several Jordanian women’s groups.
Ceramics in Amman

Beit al-Bawadi

Quality ceramics bought here support local artisans, whom you can see working in the basement. Designs are both traditional and modern, some decorated with Arabic calligraphy, and pieces cost around JD50 to JD80.
Books in Amman

Bustami’s Library

Right in the heart of downtown, this tiny bookstand is the place to go for up-to-date Western magazines and newspapers.
Books in Amman

Flower of Life Bookshop

Strong on archaeology, spirituality and kids’ books.
Arts & Crafts in Amman

Jordan River Foundation

Supporting top-notch worthy causes by selling equally top-notch crafted items, this shop has become an institution in Amman. The showroom supports handloomed rugs from Bani Hamida and exquisite Palestinian-style emb…