Arts & Crafts in Amman

Jordan River Foundation

Supporting top-notch worthy causes by selling equally top-notch crafted items, this shop is an Amman institution. The showroom supports handloomed rugs from Bani Hamida and exquisite Palestinian-style embroidery. Cu…
Arts & Crafts in Amman

Wild Jordan Center

The nature store at the Wild Jordan Center sells products made in Jordan’s nature reserves, including silver jewellery, organic herbs, teas and jams from Dana, and candles made by Bedouin women as part of an income-…
Clothing in Amman


Want to look like a hip urban Jordanian? Head to this cool-as-you-like T-shirt shop on Rainbow St for an amazing array of screen-printed tees by local artists. Styles range from big-brand pastiches through to graffi…
Ceramics in Amman


The Balian family came to Amman from Jerusalem in the early 1920s, and have been selling their traditional hand-painted tiles ever since. The decor is popular with wealthy Ammanis eager to show off their good taste,…
Cosmetics in Amman

Soap House Trinitae

There's more to pampering yourself in Jordan than just Dead Sea mud. Up an alley at the bottom of Rainbow St, you'll find this lovely old villa and garden offering the best in organic luxury, with a gorgeous range o…
Clothing in Amman


Get your cool-for-cats T-shirts and hoodies here and keep up to date with the Amman street-design vibe, with hints of graffiti, hip-hop culture, anime aesthetic and a very Jordanian sense of humour. Funky designs ar…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Amman

Al Afghani

If we call this souvenir shop long-established, we mean it: the original family business goes back to 1870s Palestine. It's jammed to the rafters with shopping delights big and small – if you can't find it here, you…
Art in Amman


One of Amman's leading contemporary art galleries, Jacaranda holds regular exhibitions of excellent regional artists and is particularly strong in its print and photographic offerings.
Arts & Crafts in Amman

Iraq Al Amir Cooperative

This cooperative, west of Amman in the village of Iraq Al Amir, opposite the village caves of the same name, sells handmade pottery, fabrics, foodstuffs, carpets and paper products. The project was founded by the No…
Market in Amman

Souk Jara

A weekly open-air flea market run by the Jebel Amman Residents' Association selling a variety of handicrafts (though recently there's been a big influx of plastic tat). It's good fun to browse, and there are some gr…