Zuwwadeh Restaurant

Top choice jordanian in Amman

Highly popular with Fuheis locals and discerning expats from Amman, the ambience at Zuwwadeh is lively and warm. The food is delicious, especially the fatteh (flatbread) with hummus, meat or chicken and pine nuts – the ‘wedding fatteh’ is complemented by tomato and cardamom. You can choose between shady outdoor tables or an intimate indoor dining area.

Most nights, an oud player plays to diners. The town of Fuheis is easy to reach by minibus from Abdali bus station (600 fils, 40 minutes). The town is also connected to Wadi As Seer, making it possible to visit both destinations as a day trip from Amman. If you’re dining at the restaurant, it’s best to pre-arrange a chartered taxi back to Amman for around JD12.

Alcohol is served.