Top things to do in Ajloun

Top Choice Castle in Ajloun

Ajloun Castle

This historic castle was built atop Mt ‘Auf (1250m) between 1184 and 1188 by one of Saladin’s generals, ‘Izz ad Din Usama bin Munqidh (who was also Saladin’s nephew). The castle commands views of the Jordan Valley a…
Jordanian in Ajloun

Abu Alezz Restaurant

Near the main roundabout, this restaurant has cheap and tasty standard Jordanian fare, including grilled chicken, hummus and shawarma (meat sliced off a spit and stuffed in a pocket of pita-type bread with chopped t…
Jordanian in Ajloun


In central Ajloun, and handy for grilled meats, hummus, salads and the like.
Archaeological Site in Ajloun

Mar Elias

This little-visited archaeological site, believed to be the birthplace of the prophet Elijah, gives you just the excuse you need to explore the countryside around Ajloun. To be honest, it’s not a spectacular site by…