Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Jerusalem

Fair Trade Women Cooperative

Operated by the Arab Orthodox Society (, a longstanding charitable organisation based in Jerusalem, this shop sells embroidered clothing, bags, purses and pillows made at the Melia Art an…
Top Choice Antiques in Jerusalem

Alan Baidun

It would be an understatement to say that little of the merchandise sold in the Old City's souvenir and craft shops is of high quality. Thank goodness, then, for Alan Baidun's store, which sells absolutely exquisite…
Food & Drinks in Jerusalem

Halva Kingdom

Watch the large round stone grinding sesame into a paste at the city's best-known tahina shop before buying a tub (25NIS) to take home.
Arts & Crafts in Jerusalem


This not-for-profit outfit empowers Palestinian artisans by promoting and selling traditional handicrafts including embroidery, basketry, weaving, carving and olive-oil soap. It runs two shops in Jerusalem, one of w…
Jewellery in Jerusalem


Jeweller Benny Heifetz creates both Judaica (mezuzot, candlesticks, challah boards etc) and jewellery with Jewish themes at his atelier and shop on Hurva Sq. The sleek contemporary designs make his mainly silver pie…
Books in Jerusalem

Educational Bookshop & Cafe

Journalists, aid workers, activists and other politically aware people make this bookshop cafe a regular stop on their East Jerusalem wanderings. It has an impressive range of books and DVDs pertaining to the Arab–I…
Jewellery in Jerusalem


Situated in a lovely old house near the Hurva Synagogue, this upmarket shop sells jewellery made with gold, diamonds and fragments of stone excavated during local archaeological digs seeking physical traces of the A…
Clothing in Jerusalem

Rina Zin

Israeli fashion designer Rina Zin uses natural fabrics (linen, cotton, wool) in muted hues to craft her casual yet elegant pieces, which suit women of all ages. The knits and kaftan-like dresses are particularly lov…
Books in Jerusalem


Chain bookshop with several branches around town, including this one in Jaffa Rd and another in the German Colony. It has a good range of English-language novels and guidebooks.
Ceramics in Jerusalem

Armenian Ceramic Centre

Located just inside New Gate, this atelier is operated by George and Dorin Sandrouni, brothers of Armenian heritage who started their well-known ceramics business here in Jerusalem in 1983.