Sacred locations are everywhere in Jerusalem, and many offer powerful insights into Jewish, Muslim and Christian rituals.

Dome of the Rock Be dazzled by the crowning structure on Temple Mount/Al Haram Ash Sharif.

Western Wall See worshippers post paper prayers in the Wall and embrace the bare stone.

Via Dolorosa Lose yourself in a joyous procession of worshippers following in the footsteps of Jesus.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre Christian pilgrims amass to touch the stone on which it's believed Jesus's body was laid.


Forget dusty museums and fenced-off digs – archaeological exploration is ongoing in Jerusalem.

Western Wall Tunnels Learn about King Herod's building tricks on a subterranean guided tour of the Western Wall.

City of David Jerusalem's ancient corners continue to be unearthed at this active (and deeply controversial) dig.

Rockefeller Museum Uncrowded castle-like building filled with significant archaeological finds.

Terra Sancta Museum Showcasing Franciscan excavations from Canaanite to Crusader periods, on the grounds of a Via Dolorosa stop.

Jerusalem Archaeological Park Grab an audio guide and ramble the excavated remains of 2000-year-old streets.

Bible Lands Museum Artefacts from all over the ancient Near East and biblical periods are represented here.

Current Affairs

Jerusalem's political landscape continues to churn; delve deeper with thought-provoking tours, museums and bookish haunts.

Green Olive Tours These Jerusalem walking tours aim to touch on Israeli and Arab perspectives.

Palestinian Heritage Museum A much-needed spotlight on Palestinian culture, ancient and contemporary.

Educational Bookshop & Cafe A trove of local history with a lively, debate-hungry clientele.

Museum on the Seam Peruse thought-provoking art installations at this gallery on the border between East and West Jerusalem.

Ir Amim Study Tours NGO running politically and culturally minded tours in East Jerusalem.


After so much ancient history, freshen your palate with Jerusalem's wide-ranging art scene.

Israel Museum A tour de force of art ancient to modern, including a superb Fine Arts Wing.

Museum on the Seam Probing exhibitions that literally and figuratively straddle the line between East and West Jerusalem.

LA Mayer Museum for Islamic Art Squint at the extraordinary details of ceramics, silver work and paintings.

Chagall Windows Lustrous stained-glass windows form a modernist masterpiece in this hospital synagogue.

Al Ma'mal Foundation Palestinian art incubator, one of the city's few, where something is always going on.

Local Art & Crafts

Meet the makers at gallery-shops producing one-of-a-kind ceramics, paper cut-outs and embroidery.

Balian Ceramics of Jerusalem A long-established East Jerusalem studio that fires and paints ornate tiles and trinkets.

Danny Azoulay Paper art so fine and intricate that you'll rummage for your reading glasses.

Bint Al Balad Workshop & Café Hand-stitched clothing and bags (and yummy homemade cakes) from a collective of West Bank women.

Sunbula From basketry to soap making, this not-for-profit outfit promotes a range of Palestinian crafts.

Coffee Culture

Jerusalemites adore lingering over brews and brunch on a sunny mid-morning, or strong Turkish coffee in the Old City anytime.

Kadosh Oozing French chic, this 1960s-founded cafe is made for lovers of coffee, pastries and conversation.

Roasters Balance on a stool in Mahane Yehuda Market's most refreshing joint for iced java.

Coffee Mill Hobnob with the German Colony's international crowd over a huge cappuccino.

Casino de Paris Soak up the atmosphere of 1920s Jerusalem at this tucked-away, French-tinged cafe.

Boutique Central Coffee Seize espresso with a smile at this perky hole-in-the-wall cafe.

Panoramic Views

Jerusalem's skyline is one of the world's most distinctive, and certainly one of the most dramatic.

Ramparts Walk Walk along the Old City's 500-year-old walls for a truly unique up-close viewpoint.

Notre Dame Cheese & Wine Restaurant Just across from the Old City with views to Mount of Olives and Mt Scopus.

St Andrew's Scottish Guesthouse Check out the Old City, Mishkenot Sha'ananim and Sultan's Pool from the hotel terrace.

Haas Promenade Get a panoramic view of Jerusalem's mountain profile.

Mammilla Rooftop Restaurant Wine and dine, especially at night, for glittering views of the old and the new.

Touro The Old City looms just over the valley from the balcony at this restaurant.

Church of St Peter in Gallicantu Close-up perspective on the Palestinian village of Silwan.