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Barbecue in Zaō Onsen


The best Mongolian barbecue or jingisukan restaurant in Zaō (there are many) is a sharp operation where diners do the grunt work on plates of raw lamb and veggies. It's good smoky fun, well supported by a drinks men…
Bar in Zaō Onsen


Your one-stop shop for convivial pre- and post-ski rendezvous, Oto-chaya begins with coffee in the mornings and powers right through to sake and beer, with occasional live tunes, in the evenings. Hearty meals (from …
Barbecue in Zaō Onsen


Lamb barbecued on a hotplate shaped like Genghis Khan's headgear, oden (various goodies stewed in a fish-and-vegetable broth) and soba (buckwheat noodles) all feature on the menu at this friendly restaurant, in a gr…