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Barbecue in Zaō Onsen


The best Mongolian barbecue or jingisukan restaurant in Zaō (there are many) is a sharp operation where diners do the grunt work on plates of raw lamb and veggies. It's good smoky fun, well supported by a drinks men…
Barbecue in Zaō Onsen


Lamb barbecued on a hotplate shaped like Genghis Khan's headgear, oden (various goodies stewed in a fish-and-vegetable broth) and soba (buckwheat noodles) all feature on the menu at this cheery eatery, in a great lo…
Bar in Zaō Onsen


Oto-chaya is a hub for convivial pre- and post-ski rendezvous. Come for coffee, casseroles, Chinese tea sets, stews, sake and beer, and occasional live tunes, too. Look for the wooden sign with the teapot, on the ma…
Cafe in Zaō Onsen


The pizza at this informal, friendly place not only fills a void for hungry skiers seeking Western food, it's actually pretty good.