Top things to do in Yoron-tō

Top Choice Museum in Yoron-tō

Yoron Minzoku-mura

At the island's southeastern tip, the excellent Yoron Minzoku-mura is a collection of traditional thatch-roofed island dwellings and storehouses that contain exhibits on the island's culture and history. If at all p…
Beach in Yoron-tō


The popular Oganeku-kaigan is Yoron-tō's best beach, located on the eastern side of the island. About 500m offshore from here lies Yurigahama (百合ヶ浜), a stunning stretch of white sand that disappears completely at hi…
Cafe in Yoron-tō

Umi Café

This delightful terraced gallery-cafe with ocean views is something you'd expect to find perched on a Greek cliff; it's no surprise to find chicken gyros (¥700) on the menu. Go to the village office at the top of th…
Bar in Yoron-tō

Bar Natural Reef

This tiki bar on Chabana's main drag is the best watering hole on the island, with plenty of yū sen, a local shōchū (strong distilled alcohol) made from sugar cane, to keep everyone happy. Owner Kowaguchi-san has lo…
Beach in Yoron-tō


On the northeast coast, Terasaki-kaigan represents the archetypical Amami beach, with its white sand, rocky outcrops and aquamarine water.
Museum in Yoron-tō

Southern Cross Center

A short walk from the Ishini (石仁) bus stop, 3km southeast of Chabana, is a lookout that serves as a museum of Yoron-tō and Amami history and culture. Offering good views south to Okinawa, it celebrates the fact that…
Beach in Yoron-tō


This is a remote-feeling slice of beach on the southeast coast, hemmed in by concrete breakwaters.